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Hello! Thank you for your Dashleigh purchase. Our goal on this page is to assist you in taking your outstanding creative ideas for your labels and bringing them to vibrant color.

Designing Your Label

Getting started, you will want to choose your preferred software and download the corresponding template (located on the right side of this page).

Note: Be sure to checkout our free design templates for some design inspiration.

Microsoft Word

If you are more comfortable in Microsoft Word, we recommend downloading our MS word .doc files. They come with pre-loaded tables and text boxes to outline the space where you can design in your label. You may need to delete the backing image, so the lines do not print on your actual labels.

Help: How to Remove the Label Outlines

Adobe Software

If you are using Adobe products, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat or Reader, we recommend downloading the .pdf file.

Open Office and Other Solutions

If you are not quite sure, or do not have a preferred software, we will point you in the direction of Open Office, a free word processor you can download- including on both Windows and Mac OS. Download the Open Office template to get started.

For Apple Pages, either using Open Office (listed above) or using the PDF download as a background to your document, while adding text boxes and images over it. Once complete, you can remove the background image - so that the outlines do not print. Full instructions here.

As always- we have a constantly growing FAQ sections here on this site.

Printing Your Label

If you reach any hiccups during the design process, be sure to check out the FAQ section of the site.

Now, you have completed the designing portion of your project, now it is time to print.

This is where it might be a good idea to move slowly.

Lining Things Up

Firstly, we recommend printing your labels on a blank sheet of paper. As all printers are slightly different, this allows you to see if there are any minor adjustments to the layout- so your design perfectly aligns to your labels. Either hold the color print over the label or use an razor knife to cut out your label.

You can adjust your labels using the Margin tools in your software or nudging each design manually.

Highest Quality Printing

Help: If you have purchased Waterproof White Vinyl labels- we recommend reading this section as well.

Once you have aligned your labels, now it is time to check your printer settings to make sure you are printing using the highest quality your printer can handle.

Each printer setting menu is vastly different, but we can tell you that any "premium paper" setting is generally the best.

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